Directions To…

Hey Siri, Directions to home?

     - Pulling up directions to Heather's house

Hey Siri, Directions to home please?

     - Pulling up directions to IHop

Hey Siri, directions to home PLEASE?

     - I'm sorry, I cannot take any requests at the moment. 
       Please try again later. 


Typical. Lost somewhere on the highway; hangry and tired and Siri is drunk again.

Truth is, Siri can’t tell me where I’m going any more than I can.  It turns out that putting a life together is in fact harder than putting together an Ikea bed.

Life doesn’t come with directions.  We’re lost, blindly navigating our way through the twists, turns and sometimes loops that are placed before us.  Sometimes we break down in valleys, and sometimes we open the sun roof while driving down PCH on a summer day.

So, this is me. Trying to Navigating my way through life on the path to find the career of my dreams, the love of my life, and see the world!!


Wait, are we sure there aren’t any directions…please?




Come with me as I navigate through life by clicking the “Directions To…” tab above!